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Overcoming the boundaries of gene editing by unlocking the full potential of recombinases.

Accessing a seamless approach to treating severe disease

About us

Seamless Therapeutics is changing the paradigm of gene editing through a pioneering approach to restore health in patients with severe conditions in a safe and precise manner. Our technology platform unlocks the reprogramming of recombinases, a highly versatile class of enzymes. We are applying our proprietary know-how to develop a pipeline of disease-modifying product candidates across a broad spectrum of indications to expand the therapeutic potential of gene editing.

Management Team

Seamless Therapeutics is led by an ambitious management team and an experienced board, joined by a shared vision to transform the gene editing landscape

Anne-Kristin Heninger, PhD

Co-Founder & Acting-CEO

Felix Lansing, PhD

Co-Founder & CSO

Arturo Urrios, PhD, MBA

VP Business Development

Advisors & Board Members

Prof. Frank Buchholz


Karl Nägler, PhD

Board Member

Dmitrij Hristodorov, PhD

Board Member


Seamless Therapeutics is supported by leading life-science investors


We are a dynamic team pioneering a groundbreaking new gene editing approach with a deep understanding of recombinases and their potential in repairing genes that cause serious diseases. We foster creativity, leadership and teamwork, and empower our people to make decisions and contribute positively to our goals. We also offer a supportive environment for colleagues to learn from each other, tackle challenges together and celebrate our achievements.

Interested in working with us?

We are always looking for dedicated and visionary employees with a diverse range of talents and welcome interest from applicants hoping to join us on our mission. Please send a short cover letter and CV with your earliest starting date to