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Overcoming the boundaries of gene editing by unlocking the full potential of recombinases.

Accessing a seamless approach to treating severe disease

About us

Seamless Therapeutics is changing the paradigm of gene editing through a pioneering approach to restore health in patients with severe conditions in a safe and precise manner. Our technology platform unlocks the reprogramming of recombinases, a highly versatile class of enzymes. We are applying our proprietary know-how to develop a pipeline of disease-modifying product candidates across a broad spectrum of indications to expand the therapeutic potential of gene editing.

Management Team

Seamless Therapeutics is led by an ambitious management team and an experienced board, joined by a shared vision to transform the gene editing landscape

Anne-Kristin Heninger, PhD

Co-Founder & Acting-CEO

Felix Lansing, PhD

Co-Founder & CSO

Arturo Urrios, PhD, MBA

VP Business Development

Anne Burger


Advisors & Board Members

Prof. Frank Buchholz


Karl Nägler, PhD

Board Member

Dmitrij Hristodorov, PhD

Board Member


Seamless Therapeutics is supported by leading life-science investors